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Exchange Club Golf League


The Exchange Club of Portland’s Golf League has been in existence for nearly 50 years.

During that time the league has allowed Exchange members to get to know their fellow members under spirited yet lighthearted competition.

Played at Portland Golf Course on Tuesday nights, the league generally runs from

mid April through Labor Day with a Championship Tournament and banquet at the end of the season.


The league has and welcomes all members with a collection of various golfing skills. 


"A' & "B" flights are used so golfer are playing with equal handicaps so everyone has a level playing field. 

The format of the league is broken up into 2 halves with the top 2 places from each stage going to the quarterfinals along with the highest 2 in total points for the season. 

Our Champions receives the coveted Exchange Golf Blazer to wear for the year!

Any member interested in joining please contact Jamie.

2023 Golf League
Flight Champions
Chris Flood (B flight)
Rusty Olson (A flight)
Roger Jensen (Most Improved)

IMG_8834 (1).heic

Past Champions

2022 - Rusty Olson (a)            Chris Flood (b)

2021 - Rusty Olson (a)            Al Abbott (b)

2021 - Rusty Olson (a)            Bryan McPherson (b)

2020 - Frank Schreier (a)       Don Valentas (b)

2019 - Mike Elliott & Frank Schreier (team format)

2018 - Dave Gilbert  

2017 - Rusty Olson  

2016 - Joe Scott  

2015 – Pete LaMalfa, Jr.  

2014 – Lee Nordstrom  

2013 – Jamie Leonard  

2012 – Grant Sanborn  

2011 – Don Hunt  

2010 – Frank Schreier  

2009 – Pete LaMalfa, Jr.  

2008 – Lee Nordstrom  

2007 – Frank Schreier  

2006 – Larry Cassyd  

2005 – Larry Cassyd  

2004 – Jim Hill (a)                      Bernie Fabian (b)

2003 – Jim Hill (a)                      Al Revicki (b)

2002 – Mark Itkin (a)                  Frank Sanborn (b)

2001 – Jeff Myers (a)                 Gene Sullivan (b)

2000 – Brendan Welsh (a)         Tom McMello (b)

1999 – Bernie Fabian (a)           Jim Elder (b)

1998 – Lance Crouch (a)           Jeff Myers (b)

1997 – Jim Hill (a)                      Rick Blauvelt (b)

1996 – Ted Clark (a)                   Frank Sanborn (b)

1995 – Don Harmon (a)             Wayne Carini (b)

1994 – Ted Clark (a)                   Henry Fein (b)

1993 – Chuck Roberts (a)          Bernie Fabian (b)

1992 – Ted Clark (a)                   Steve Johnson (b)

1991 – Tom McMellon (a)          Pete LaMalfa, Sr. (b)

1990 – Chuck Roberts (a)          Bill Jackson (b)

1989 – Fran O’Brian (a)             Mark Itkin (b)

1988 – Ted Clark (a)                   Frank Sanborn (b)

1987 – Art Schultz (a)                Paul Swanson (b)

1986 – Art Schultz (a)                Mark Itkin (b)

1985 – Bill Pozzetti (a)               Henry Fein (b)

1984 – Art Schultz (a)                Henry Fein (b)

1983 – Fran O’Brian (a)             H. Fein / L. Cassyd (b)

1982 – Chuck Roberts (a)          Paul Swanson (b)

1981 – Andy Anderson (a)         Frank Sanborn (b)

1980 – Chuck Roberts (a)          Frank Sanborn (b)

1979 – Bob Olson (a)                 Rich Dell (b)

1978 – Fran O’Brian (a)             Bob Olson (b)

1977 – Bob Cone (a)                  Bob Olson (b)

1976 – Andy Anderson (a)        Bill Jackson (b)

1975 – Bob Cone (a)                  Bill Nolan (b)

1974 – Ed Haddad (a)               Bob Edwards (b)

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